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IMHO this can only really be understood by the Dutch.  To me, it reads EXCESS for all... (which means... what?) and not ACCESS, as is of course the intention.  This is due to the Dutch (mis)pronunciation of the letter A in English.  Ok, it works, but not as it should.


Tele2's 'Born to be cheap'

I suspect that the 'wordplay' (cheap/sheep) didn't really catch on and more people thought it was to do with being a 'blacksheep'.  As that is not generally used in a positive way in English, I can't see the attraction.  I personally didn't find it amusing or clever, only irritating.  But then they do say, 'there is no such thing as bad publicity'. 

However, the more they expand upon it, and the more little films they make with the sheep, it IS quite funny... just more because my own family don't actually get the joke, than that the use of cheap/sheep worked - certainly not at first :)



This one really works - especially to illustrate why direct translation doesn't work well and can sound very funny.  None of the 'sayings' below, make sense in English, but a Dutch English speaker (or English Dutch speaker) of course knows what is meant.  And they DO all illustrate the use of 'wind' in the language, which is a very clever connection to Eneco.  Would NOT look good in your document :)
  • ...he's getting the wind from the front.
  • ...from the wind you cannot live.
  • ...hasn't laid us any wind eggs.
  • ...beat mine advice in the wind.
  • ...they stink an hour in the wind.

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