• Does your Dutch (wedding?) invitation target non-Dutch speakers? 
  • Is your thesis ready to be handed in but you're not sure if the English is correct? 
  • Are your (Dutch) Human Resources policies really clear to your international staff?
  • Would your questionnaire reach more people if only it were in English?  
  • Is your website reaching an international audience?
  • Your book would surely read wonderfully in English?
  • Do you need something translated from Dutch at short notice?


LWD is a Little White Dog that can quickly translate anything from Dutch to English (really!), or edit and correct something already translated.  She gets a bit of help from native English speakers from Scotland with almost 40 years living and working experience in the Netherlands.

Whether you are Dutch with great English but no time, or native English speaking and don't quite follow Dutch as well as necessary (and also don't have the time) getting a 2nd party to do your translating work 
(or edit your already translated doc) can really reduce your stress levels.  It needn't be expensive - not if you use LWD!

Let LWD help!  


See the page with examples of common and easily made mistakes


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