Your Dutch - Her English (and v.v)*

You do not speak Dutch, but you need that 

document translated 'yesterday already'?

LWD will sort that for you in no time. 

Special price for students on request!

It literally 'makes no sense' to use an online 'translator' to translate your important document. 

And sure, your English is good, but LWD's is better!      
Let LWD (Little White Dog) sniff out those badly formed sentences.  
She will dig up any confused spellings and bury any bad translations.  
She won't chew on it for very long and will bring that ball of work right back to you!
She thinks you make typical translation errors and knows how much you need LWD.  

Read more about her here!

* We also translate English to Dutch on request.
LWD knows a well educated native speaker 
with lots of translation experience!  
Price negotiable with the translator personally. 
Enquiries to LWD

Common Translation Myths 

  • Translation can be done by anyone that speaks both languages
  • Professional translation is very expensive
  • Online translation websites give good quality translation

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